NYC, 1991 - during a time of tremendous racial strife - a neurotic Jewish boy who must win over his crush by first impressing her skeptical Jamaican family.
New York City, 1991 - Daniel (David Bloom), a neurotic Jewish boy, dreams of becoming a man. Unfortunately, there are major stumbling blocks in his way - his classmates think he's a loser, he tries too hard to fit in, and he's super uncomfortable in his own skin. At school, he's got his eyes set on Emefa (Chaize Macklin), a chill Jamaican girl. Like Daniel, she's having a tough time - she's got a serious problem with self-esteem, and is upset being the "starter girl" for suave Teven (Donis Leonard, Jr), a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lookalike. Desperate to woo her, Daniel tags along to Emefa's family picnic. This backfires when he draws the ire of her overbearing father Luther (Malcolm Jamal-Warner), and Teven shows up unexpectedly. When Daniel makes it clear to Emefa that he's interested in her, she's forced to choose between Teven - the boy her family likes - and Daniel - the geek who her family feels is an interloper. Inspired by a true story, Wannabe is about acceptance - both in yourself and the world around you.

Matthew Manson

Matthew Manson



Malcolm-Jamal Warner, David Bloom, Chaize Macklin, Donis Leonard Jr

Toby Louie, John Ramos