Friday, October 28 1:45 pm
Saturday, October 29 11:45 am

The Transparentsea Voyage highlights the efforts of a group of athletes, musicians, celebrities and artists on a
campaign aimed at focusing attention on coastal environmental issues. Witness the trip unfold through the creation of song as this "behind the music" look at focused activism offers an insight into how a deeper connection to our planet changed and educated the participants involved as well as those that followed the journey from around the world. Experience the voyage from start to finish as the crew traced the southern migration of the  California Grey & Blue Whale from Santa Barbara to the US Border in six tandem kayaks. 

Justin Krumb



Dave Rastovich, Shannon Sol Carroll, and Oj Newcomb from Band of Frequencies with special
appearances by Angus Stone, Chris Del Moro, Isabel Lucas, Lauren Hill, Hilton Dawe Catherine Clarke, 
Denny Auberg, Rusty Miller and Al Hicks.

Justin Krumb