SOPHIE: A Story of Discovery

Sophie makes a discovery about color and opening your mind to diversity.
“Sophie : A Story Of Discovery” began as simply the sixth film in a series of fashion films for our client Somerset Collection, a luxury shopping center in the Detroit suburbs. We had shot in New York, Philadelphia, Montana, New Orleans and Paris. But for this film, I wanted to move beyond just the location and the clothes. I wanted to tell a story. The inspiration began with the location: an entire white on white apartment. White floors, walls, furniture and decor. The idea was to create a character that began life in a world without color. A monochromatic Pleasantville of sorts. Then to allow an act to introduce color into the world. Because I wanted to include a narrative into our fashion film, I knew I wanted to use a narrator. Someone to tell the story of this young woman. I also knew I wanted a formal set design and with no camera movement. I wanted small actions, graphic composition and vibrant sets. When we began to look at the clothes, we originally were looking for spring colors, mostly yellows and greens, but the more we looked, the more it became clear that we should limit ourselves to a single color: Yellow. That design helped drive not only the set design, but the story itself. Finally, we came to the story, which was roughly outlined, but didn’t really present itself until we had determined the talent, location and wardrobe. As I was writing it, it came to me in rhyming couplets. It was like a fairy tale. The rest took care of itself. Well almost. Then we had to find a cat.

David Todd McCarty

David Todd McCarty




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