Occupy, Texas follows a washed up Occupier (Gene Gallerano) who returns home after the death of his parents to find himself responsible for his two teenage sisters (Lorelei Linklater and Catherine Elvir) and his Texas-sized past.
A Texas-sized story about Beau Baker, a washed out “Occupy Wall Street” protester, who is woken up on the streets of NYC with the news that his parents have died. He returns to Texas to the shock that his parents have left him in charge of his two teenage sisters and their estate, catapulting Beau on a journey to re-identify with his sisters, his past, and himself. Occupy, Texas is a story about coming home. It’s a story about every sibling, every prodigal son or daughter, every grieving Aunt or Uncle, every trusting parent; it’s a story about choosing how we occupy our own lives. The responsibility to family, to the past, to the future and to himself forces Beau to grow in the face of fear, despite crippling failure, regret, and loss. Just as in Little Miss Sunshine, Uncle Buck, and You Can Count On Me, humor and love weave this family back together again and, as one family navigates Texas twangs, audacious personalities, old school monster trucks, and an all-girls grade school riot, we all rediscover our roots, our hidden strengths, and our rightful place deep in the heart of Occupy, Texas.

Jeff Barry

Gene Gallerano


Drama / Comedy

Gene Gallerano, Peri Gilpin, Lorelei Linklater, Janine Turner, Catherine Elvir, Nikki Moore, Reed Birney, David Matranga, Paul Benjamin

Jeff Barry, Gene Gallerano, Johnathan Brownlee

Running Time:
94 minutes