Up in the Swiss Alps, just above a small town, lives Ursli with his parents, their animals, and his best friend Sereina who often comes to visit. He is a real mountain boy and has a special gift for caring and understanding animals. When late summer arrives, Ursli and his parent make their way down to the village, transporting their harvest by horse carriage. Suddenly, an accident occurs and they lose it all over a cliff. In order to survive the winter they now must make a deal with the unfriendly but wealthy store owner in the village, which puts them into debt. Ursli also has to give up his beloved goat to the rude son of the store owner. And as if things could not get any worse, Ursli receives the smallest bell of all kids for "Chalandamarz" and the kids make fun of him. "Charlandamarz" is a mountain ritual for which the kids chime the bells to banish winter and welcome spring. Ursli finally decides to take matters in his own help is parents and to find the biggest bell... which is hidden in a cabin on top of the mountain. The adventure is on!!!

Xavier Koller

Xavier Koller, Stefan Jäger



Jonas Hartmann, Peter Jecklin, Julia Jeker

Ditti Bürgin-Brook, Peter-Christian Fueter, Peter Reichenbach, Roland Stebler

Running Time:
104 minutes